L’appel wants to do more than provide designer-quality sunglasses at a price point that makes sense for both creator and consumer. We want to create something beautiful for the everyday, because we believe everyone deserves maximum style and value for their hard-earned money. To achieve this, each frame is handcrafted with both subtlety and expression in mind, striving for just the right amount of flair, just the right amount of simplicity—just the right amount of L’appel.


L’appel was born in Pasadena, where art, history, and sunshine make fertile ground for creative minds to flourish. Eager to bring you the perfect eyewear experience, we swept aside the non-essentials and went straight to core values: quality, simplicity, beauty.

We source our raw materials from the best providers around the globe and world-class eyewear experts assess every prototype for comfort, weight, fit, and durability. We constantly seek a balance between cost and quality, producing the best frames for the most sensible price. We develop every design with you in mind—not just the way our frames protect your eyes, but the way they express your personality.

We are not here to dictate your style; we draw our inspiration from you. Beautiful efficacy. Simple elegance. Tasteful luxury. Just the right amount of class. If you’re going to experience the world through a pair of L’appel lenses, shouldn’t they reflect who you are?


L’appel frames are made of acetate, a renewable, plant-based plastic that has been used in eyewear production for decades. Our high standard of both quality and style led us to source our acetate from only the best manufacturers.

Jin You, a Chinese manufacturer, offers a wide selection of rich colors and patterns. Through extensive color research and trend studies, our designers work with the manufacturers to develop each variety of acetate with L’appel’s unique brand in mind. The creation of a single frame has over 20 intricate steps, finished with a coat of long-lasting polish to preserve its beauty.


Titanium is known for its lightweight strength and resistance to corrosion, making it a popular material in industries ranging from aerospace to sports gear. Because it is hypoallergenic, titanium is also ideal for eyewear. It enhances meticulously engineered fitting, provides excellent weight balance, and lends a unique aesthetic quality.

Our 2016 Collection blends titanium and acetate to create an appealing contrast as nuanced silhouettes take on a dash of class with gleaming metal accents.



L’appel has an exclusive selection of high-quality CR-39 UV Protection Lenses, produced with the finest materials and cutting-edge technology. Designed to shield sensitive eyes from harmful UV rays, the CR-39 UV Protection Lenses also feature a hard coating to prevent scratches and minor damage, even when used daily.


The polarized lenses from L’appel help reduce eye strain and fatigue, making you safer and more relaxed throughout the day. Polarization cuts glare from reflective surfaces such as water, pavement, and car windows, while enhancing contrast and contours. The warm coloring is comfortable, especially in the morning and evening when the sunlight has a rosy hue.


L’appel mirror lenses use a coating of mercury, platinum, and titanium to block UV rays and hide the eyes. In order to maintain a perfect unity between lens and frame, our expert designers carefully selected lens colors to match each individual frame.