You may return your purchase within 60 days of the date of delivery. To help protect our customers and ensure that we can always offer our customers maximum quality, we may refuse to accept a return, process an exchange, or apply a refund in certain situations, including but not limited to:

• We can only exchange items or accept returns for items that were purchased directly from our website or the original L’appel Kickstarter. We cannot accept items for return or exchange that were purchased second-hand or from a wholesaler.
• If the L’appel logo is missing from the frames, we cannot accept it for return or exchange since we cannot guarantee it was purchased directly from us.
• We require an order number for returns and refunds. If you do not have an order number and are unable to look it up, we may grant store credit on a case-by-case basis. For the safety of our employees, we can't accept items that have been soiled or contaminated until they have been cleaned.
• We will not apply a refund for damaged, used, or soiled glasses.


Our warranty lasts the lifetime of the glasses, as long as the problem is covered by the warranty. The lifetime of the glasses refers to the lifetime of the materials and components. While our frames are made from premium acetate and space-grade titanium, all materials degrade over time. The lifetime of the glasses is more a factor of how often they are used and how well they are cared for, not how old they are. Our warranty covers manufacturing defects, such as:

• Discoloration of acetate
• Broken hinges after regular use
• Peeling lenses

The warranty does not cover issues including but not limited to:

• Wear and tear such as scratched lenses
• Damage to mirror lenses from lotions, creams, sunscreen, oils, etc.
• Breaks from being bent, sat on, stepped on, run over, chewed by dog, etc.
• Lost frames
• Lost lenses
• Broken lenses
• Chemical damage from cleaning, sunscreen, lotion, exposure, etc.


• We require an order number to prove that the frames are truly L’appel frames and were purchased through our website or original Kickstarter.
• We will not replace a pair with a different color or model unless the original model has been discontinued.
• Our frames are built with top-tier materials and should not break easily. If a customer requests a replacement pair too often, we may decline the request.
• To avoid manipulation of our warranty, we cannot refund lost eyewear.
• We must receive the faulty or broken glasses back at our warehouse for examination before we send out the replacement.


To help protect our customers and ensure that we can always honor the Founder’s Program benefits, we may refuse to apply a discount in certain situations, including but not limited to:

• The Founder’s Program is designed for individuals’ private use and not for resale. We may refuse to apply a discount if a Founder is regularly purchasing large quantities of product.
• The Founder’s discount cannot be stacked with other promotional discounts or sales. In the unlikely event a promotional discount or sale comes out to be a greater discount than the Founder’s discount, we will price-match on request.